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Hi all,


We are running OSX Server 10.7.5 w/ 10.7.x clients. We are using both OD and AD in our OSX environment.


A few weeks back- after a large round of system updates OD decided to kick the bucket. Eventually I had to run a db_recover on OD, everything came back fine but then I could no longer authenticate as diradmin. So I then removed LDAPv3 service from DirectoryUtility and then re-added it. Bam! I could authenticate as diradmin again and all services were green. All clients were able to login with AD and OD accounts as they used to. I thought I was in the clear.


I wasn't... so my problem now:


In Server.app under Users and Groups- there is nothing but the /Local/Default accounts.


All of my /LDAPv3/ & /Active Directory/DIST428/ users and groups are missing. They used to populate here but after the OD explosion they are missing.


In Workgroup manager I can view and manipulate my /LDAPv3/ and AD users/groups just fine.


Any ideas on how I can get things back to normal? Is there a specific plist or config that sets the directory search path for Server.app?