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I am running an imac with OSX 10.5.8 with Safari Veriosn 5.06(5533.22.3).

I have an RV web Site up and cannot quit Safari. The RV web site does not show the x at the top left but only the - and the +.

There is a Message saying "Are tyou sure you want to send a form again" options are Cancel or Send. I have tried both and the message does not go away.

I have tried to quit Safari by pressing the command and Q Key and also by selecting Safari on the top bar and choosing quit Safari, without any luck.

Have also tried to logout and a shutdown but it comes up with a message "The application Safari canceled logout to try again, quit Safari and choose logout from the Apple Menu." I have tried this with no luck in quiting Safari. I am using Firefox to post this message as my Safari is locked.

Any help would be appreciated in how to gracefully quit Safari without hitting the power button.