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Three macs, a pad and phone and all usually sync up well.  Now my MacPro simply will not sync my bookmarks from icloud.  The same machine syncs iCal and contacts just fine, but doesn't do the bookmarks.  I've opened icloud preferences and uncheck then rechecked the bookmarks but it does nothing.  I've had nothing but similar problems with icloud since it replaced mobileme, which actually worke4d beter.  There is NO WAY to force a sync with icloud.  Getting tired of it....

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    On the MacPro, open System Preferences > iCloud


    Click Sign Out then sign back in.


    Make sure the box next to Safari is selected.


    Give iCloud a few minutes to re sync your bookmarks.

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    Thanks Carol, but I've tried this a few times on both my MacPro and Macbook Pro and it doesn't work.  

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    Now my MacPro simply will not sync my bookmarks from icloud.


    Have been using any other type of sync for bookmarks besides iCloud? Perhaps Dropbox?


    Some users have reported issues syncing Safari bookmarks if they have 1Password installed.


    Beyond that, try here > iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Bookmarks and Reading List

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    Carolyn, thanks again.  You are always so responsive.


    No, none of the suggestions worked, including the troubleshooting from the Apple page.  Log off as the user and then log on again.  Deselect Bookmarks (safari) from iCloud preferences and then select, saying yes to the merge.  Does nothing. My contacts and iCal sync up just fine.  My iPhone 5 and my iPad3 sync just fine.   My iMac at work syncs all the time.    It's just the bokkmarks.on some machines.   My MacBookPro and my MacPro do not.  I do not use any other syncing system.  I did read about issues with computers running 1Password, which I have, but never open, so how can that be the culprit?   I use dropbox but do not have any sort of sync set up on it.  Never even saw that feature if it exists.

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    i am having the exact same problem but between my iphone and my macbook pro. initially, my Safari on my macbook pro was syncing perfectly through sept. 2013. ever since then, nothing, including my history and bookmarks, from safari on my mac will sync anymore with the safari first on my iphone 4s and now my iphons 5s. i've already turned off the syncing options on both devices, turned them back on and restarted both devices, as per the suggestions from another post. STILL NOTHING. And with the update to the iOS on iphone as a few months ago, there is no longer the option to turn on and off the safari book sync options under settings on the iPhone or on iTunes. Everything else is syncing perfectly.