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Got a big green check in iTunes Producer for our first upload.


But now it doesn't show up in tickets or book to manage?


We did get one warning about a sample is needed, is that for the whole apple store network or just one of them, the warning looked like it wasn't the whole network for some reason.


Anyway, not sure if that sample file will hang this, but a green check was gotten.


But now I don't see it anywhere

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    ok it showed up in around an hour in manage ebooks


    but it says not for sale in 51 stores


    so now I guess it's waiting to go live


    now I got to figure out if itunes producer will just allow me to use my epub files


    first book I used the ibooks author app


    it's terrible in my opinion


    so as long as producer lets me pop epub files we'll load up pretty fast


    if all these epubs have to be redone in ibooks author


    that's a big job