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I'd like to upgrade to a new time capsule. I've got an old one with only 500Gb of internal storage, so it's not really big enough for all my backups.


I'm wondering if I can get some service from my existing one, even if I get a new one. Is there any point in daisy chaining them? Can I set up the old one somewhere in the house to increase coverage (of the garden, say)?


Alternatively, is there a problem keeping the existing one going - might it interfere with the new one and cause a deterioration of signals?


I also thought of putting ADSL on my other 'phone line and using on time capsule on each line. It'd be good for redundancy, but I don't know if there's a solution where you can do load balancing across two ADSL lines. Is there one using time capsules?

Time Capsule Version 7.5.2