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I've setup a PPTP VPN server on my Lion server.  When I test the connection, I get the following error:


2013-09-06 09:58:12 BSTIncoming call... Address given to client =

Fri Sep  6 09:58:12 2013 : PPTP incoming call in progress from ''...

Fri Sep  6 09:58:12 2013 : PPTP error when reading header for start_control_connection_request : Connection reset by peer

2013-09-06 09:58:12 BST   --> Client with address = has hungup


I've searched this forum and did a general internet search, but could find anything to help resolve this problem.  I also went through a full PPTP trouble shooting diagnos, but that didn't help either.  If anyone recognises this error and can shed some light on what's happening here, I really would be very grateful.  I'm desperate to get this VPN server working.


Many thanks.

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