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We have a lion server running 2 wikis. the admin deleted one of the wiki's not realizing that one had links to the other. long story short that we restore machine from time machine from 2 days prior. Now when you login to the the wiki it accepts the credentials but but pops up another authentication box that says the following

A username and password are being requested by http://wiki.domain.com. The site says: "domain". It never did this before the time machine recovery. The normal wiki login takes just the users active directory account and password without have to but domain\username. the second login prompt when going into the indvidual wikis asks for domain\username

the other issue is when trying to access the wiki from internet explorer it tells us

Unsupported Browser

Your browser is not supported.

IT doesnt matter what version. We have tried ie9,10 and 11

Wiki, Mac OS X (10.7.5)