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After working perfectly since upgrading to Logic X and setting up a symbolic link to an external drive where I transferred all the Additional Content... the recent update to 10.0.3 has caused Logic to lose the symbolic link, and start downloading additional content to my MBP hardrive.  I know for certain I downloaded all the content previously.


How do I show Logic where to find the additional content on the external drive?  Do I need to create a new symbolic link?


The issue is I can't seem to access that additional material - like Drummer for instance - without a new download. 


[The Logic folder on the external drive has 26.66 GB of additional content, 24 of it in the EXS Factory Samples folder, ~ 1 GB in Ultrabeat, and the rest in mb in the various other folders.]

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 4 gigs RAM