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It's happened again tonight and the iTunes store have no glue and cannot help. I have an old style 16gb Apple TV and a brand new Sony Bravia TV. All other films and tv shows play fine, it's just the rented and purchased films on iTune Store. Star Trek last night did not have the problem, however, when the closed captions for the translations halfway through the film came on screen they stayed there and would not go away. Had to stop the film and start it again the get ride of them.


This solution has not worked for the black rectangle though. Any help would be appreciated as I tent to rent

  • Allen A Community Specialists

    Hello Gettoff,



    The following article details a number of things worth checking, just in case they haven't been checked previously, that may help rid you of the little black box.


    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Troubleshooting video issues






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    Did you figure out what's causing this. I'm having the same issue. The little black rectangle I'm seeing is in the center of the screen toward the bottom and is slightly translucent. I can see things in the regular picture behind is just barely. We rented Epic

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    I would suggest logging a call with AppleCare as Apple don't seem to have too much visibility of the issue.


    I have the issue as well.  I find that if Menu out of the Film, the go back in and resume the issue goes away for the remainder of the film.  If Start from the beginning the black rectangle in subtitle place appears and does not go away.


    If you turn the brightness up then you should well see that the black box is transparent and you can see through to the movie underneath which is playing.


    Hopefully if enough people raise calls with AppleCare then it may well get fixed,as the AppleCare advisor has said that this isn't an issue that they are aware of.


    I can confirm that the issue went away with an AppleTV Mk3 that I borrowed from a friend.


    I am convinced that is an issue with subtitling.


    The iTunes Store support just seem to offer refunds or recommend you contact AppleCare to resolve a technical issue with your AppleTV or your library.


    I have completely rebuilt and redownloaded the mini my library is on.  Also tried a different account and the content has been replaced in my account but makes no difference.

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    Hi all


    I to have this on my first generation Apple TV. I have been getting refunds on my movies for some time, but want to get to the bottom of this, the matchbox is short side on the bottom, and dies look slightly transparent. Time it was fixed, I don't want anymore refunds.

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    Just tried


    Stop move and then restart movie and you get the ...."from where you left off" or "from beginning" option....chose, "from where you left off" and guess what, no black matchbox.


    Something must be wrong somewhere, but this seems to work, not great though having to do this every movie.


    Hope it works for you.

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    I have the same issue and your start/resume trick worked!



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    Thank you.  It worked.