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Is there a possiblity I can use 10.4 Server for a Blue and White G3 Power Mac? I can run Mac OS Tiger, the desktop version fine, but is there any way I can install it? I don't have a DVD drive, but can it be done remotely or do I need a FireWire hard drive to do that?

Power Mac G3 (B&W), Mac OS X (10.4.11), 256MB/20GB/PPC
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    Definitely going to need a FireWire drive and a way to image the install DVD (which is going to require involving another Mac).


    Once you get the install DVD imaged to the external drive, you can use the external drive in exactly the same fashion as the DVD.

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    Ok, in more detail how do I do this?


    I have a both .DMG verison of the installer as well as a DVD version. Assuming the .DMG is easier, how would I tackle it? Would I have to create a boot partition on a FW drive to load the image? or could I put the image randomly in a FW HD and to the T command(?) at startup?


    I have my 2nd Gen MacBook (still in production), how would that option be done to achieve this project?

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    The .DMG is what I'd recommend, as it makes things a little simpler.



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    in lieu of a FW HD, can I use a pre-iOS iPod? My mother has an HFS formatted iPod, would that be possible (and can the G3 pick that up as a boot medium?)

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    I figured it out.


    First of all Tiger Server requires a G4 or higher CPU including Intel.


    Before I wasted my time by not reading the Before You Install, I was able to do this


    Create a boot partition in Disk Utility and threw the Tiger Server DMG into the iPod as a recovery image.


    Create another boot partition in the Mac of interest (in this case the B&W G3), I did 2 one for the installer image and another for the OS and everything else to reside. The image was copied from the mounted iPod.


    After a couple hours (because USB 1 is so old and slow) the image copied and booted up. It couldn't install because the G3 CPU is not supported. If it was a different situtiation, then I'd say "It worked!"


    Thanks for helping me anyways!

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    Follow Up,


    I had another case of Stranger Things That Have Happened:


    from what I read the B&W G3 does support Tiger Server, but for some reason the installer disc requires a G4 or greater PPC or Intel CPU.


    A while back I installed Tiger Server on I think a G4 CPU and it worked there, however I thought maybe I could take that actual hard drive and move it to the B&W G3. Got a blinking question mark, but zapped the PRAM and it booted in with no problems, no crashes no kernel panics no Sad Macs (oh wait wrong platform! ) and its working just fine.


    My note to anyone is to check your setup (whether or not you have a DVD ROM) or media (that requires a G4 + CPU) you have, the B&W G3 may not be able to take it initally and might need to do workarounds.