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My iMac won't recognize my M-Audio Axiom 49.  I just switched from PC using Reason to give Logic Pro X a chance and I am getting the feeling it was a mistake.  The iMac doesn't even know there is a keyboard connected to it. There is no driver because it is class compliant, I have tried every usb port, I have double checked all the connection at least 5 times, I have restarted the iMac and keyboard, reset the PRAM, i could go on all day long the things i have tried.


Nothing. Can someone please tell me what is going on cause my PC will recognize and automatically install the driver in moments


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iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Have you tried contacting M-Audio as they are more likely to know and assist you?


  • juve1979 Level 1 Level 1

    I have. They have sugguested using a usb hub amongst other things and nothing has worked. I don't understand why a computer won't recognize when something is plugged into it.

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6

    Try typing   Axiom 49      in the forum search dialog.


    There's been some other related reports.

  • juve1979 Level 1 Level 1

    All of the Axiom 49 questions posted by other users either havent been answered or don't relate to my situation. In system information the keyboard shows up in the USB section, but i still do not understand why it will not work. There are no answers to this problem on the internet. Most related problems are for Logic 9 and previous versions of Osx, but according to Apple it is supposed to be class compliant which i am starting to believe is a lie.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6
    but according to Apple it is supposed to be class compliant which i am starting to believe is a lie.



    To clarify, it's not Apple that is saying the Axiom is class compliant but M-Audio....


    Anyhow, if it is is a setup mistake you are making... which is possible... or it's an issue with the Axiom itself.. either way.. as i said in my earlier post, contact M-Audio or go to their forums via the links I have already provided..  and ask for asistance


    Note: You do know there are more than one version of the Axiom 49 yes? One of them requires drivers and the other is supposedly class compliant... Again see M-Audio's notes on their website in reference to the different versions..

  • juve1979 Level 1 Level 1

    I already did that and they are saying the iMac is the problem which is obvious to me cause i can hook this up to my PC and get it working in moments.


    So if you think i am making a setup mistake, could you please instruct me how to setup?


    I should have never bought this iMac, i heard they have problems but this is ridiculous. No one has an answer for this...

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    You are misunderstanding what you are being told...


    Just because the Axiom works with a PC has no bearing on if it should work with a Mac.. Different OS, Drivers, etc so believing the issue lies with your iMac is somewhat misleading in that sense...


    I cannot help you with setting up the Axiom because I do not own one but i do know several people have no problems using one with OS X.... and others have a nightmare mainly because of the issues and way M-Audio designed their hardware/firmware and the changes made in OS X 10.8.x.


    Again, are you sure you have the version of the Axiom that doesn't need drivers for use with OS X 10.8.x?  If you have the 2nd Gen version then you must install the drivers provided on M-Audio's website... ( I linked to the drivers in my first post in this thread)



    Here is a thread relating to your apparent issue... and possible fixes for it



    Finally, if all else fails.. go to Logic Pro Help's website and ask your question there as I believe David Nahmani (The website Sysop and author of one of the best guides to Logic Pro) owns and uses an Axiom and should be able to assist you, if he has the time to do so...

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6
    I should have never bought this iMac, i heard they have problems but this is ridiculous. No one has an answer for this...


    Typically, I have found it to be the other way around.. More issues and problems with PCs than with Macs once you have understood the differences and how to set them up correctly....


    I should also add that I have several iMacs along with a bunch of other Macs, as do my clients.. and there are no inherrant issues with them at all... in regards to the kind of issues you are describing.


    In almost every case where there has been an issue, in regards to external hardware,  it has always been tracked down to drivers/hardware problems because Devs have failed to program/design the drivers or hardware correctly or it has been a 'User Error' that once corrected resolves the issue


    I suspect you are simply suffering from the "I've bought a Mac and now things aren't the same as on my PC" syndrome... which is very common during the initial stages of getting accustomed to a new computer and OS...


    Don't worry... you will get there eventually and then, like most people, you will never look back!


    Finally, and I am simply saying this because some peole simply don't like change and/or don't end up feeling comfortable with the differences between OS X and Windows...Don't forget that if you find you prefer the Windows way of doing things, you can always Boot Camp your Mac and go back to Windows.... so you will always end up in a win win situation.

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    They SAY it is class compliant but there are Mac drivers for it.


    Friend of mine just went over to Logic X and went from 10.6.8 to 10.8.4 to accomodate. Their Axiom didn't work. Downloaded the newest drivers from the M-Audio site and all was fine even though the latest drivers are stated at 10.7.4. Took about 2 minutes including the download.


    Try it and see if it helps


  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Hi Octopi,


    Firstly, thanks for providing the OP with the direct link to the drivers.....


    As for your comments... Yes, I was just reading something, somewhere else, on a 'closed' board... that said, what you have just stated..


    While there are (at least?) two versions of the Axiom 49 and only the 2nd gen version owners should use the drivers.. a user there, with a first gen, tried the drivers and it worked for them....


    Weird huh?

  • octopi Level 4 Level 4

    Indeed, extremely weird.


    I actually said out loud at their studio "But this is class compliant.......". Whilst I went to the M-Audio site and downloaded the drivers. I didn't even bother looking anything else up, I just made the jump - Class Compliant, should just work. Not working - not truly class compliant, look for any drivers.


    Didn't look beyond anything else once it immediately started working. My friend was extememly pleased and spent the first 2 hours just playing with the new synths and the appregiator.

  • mdee Level 2 Level 2

    So you are saying you plugged in the keyboard, played the keys and it is not playing notes inside LPX correct?


    Have you tried a different USB cable? Have you configured the core Audio Midi settings? It the Keyboard icon inside your Utilities folder. Have you tried a different Midi controller? How do you have LPX set up? Did you choose a Software Instrument or maybe a External Midi Instrument by mistake? What are your Midi Preferences inside LPX.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6



    ......or the OP could simply try installing the drivers that apparently are needed for it to work with 10.8.4!

  • mdee Level 2 Level 2

    I use the Axiom 61, 2nd Gen Midi Controller. MAudio has not written drivers for LPX as of yet. They are working on it. Do a search and you will find 2 other threads on this topic. The OP should not need the drivers to simply play the keyboard. Only if he wishes to use the transport controls, knobs &amp; buttons such as MAudio's Hyperlink/DirectLink which has been discussed in the other threads.

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