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There are laws in this world as some of us know from having completed high school at least but I have never thought that an app's developer could (or would ) try to do this:


I bought an app through iTunes App Store on April, 17, 2013 called Camera+ made by the developer, Tap Tap Tap LLC. I use it on my iPhone. Not a bad little app. Nothing really spectacular or special that I can not find in other photography apps. I have used it a few times. Anyhow, today I used it to take a photo on my iPhone of a friend's new car and after I took the photo I tried to save it to the camera roll and it wouldn't let me unless I allowed the app to use my location. Honestly. The thing is that the app had never demanded my location before because if it did I would have been doing what I intend right now in light of this incident. Especially since I paid (a small amount) for the app. It wasn't free.

I do believe this action by the developer is illegal in most of the western world and only because I had several LAW credits in my final year of high school that suggest same.

How do I get in touch with iTunes to get a credit for this app.

The app or any other products from this developer are history on my iPhone now for certain. (Any business in the western hemisphere just does not do this....It's hilarious that anyone would even attempt it.) "LLC" signifies that the developer is in fact from Wales I believe. Or is that "PLC"? LOL!

Any suggestions from the pros out there? How do I go about getting a credit from iTunes for this unwanted app?


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