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Hi Folks,


A bit of a strange one this, but thought that someone may be able to assist.


I have my itunes library on an external hardrive plugged into my pc. In addition i have itunes match/icloud and all my tracks are up to date, ie uploaded, matched, purchased etc.


When im in my library i can see the icloud status for each track ie the same as above, (matched, uploaded, purchased etc) having added this option to the toolbar.


All was going fine.


Last night i booted up itunes without the hardrive plugged in and as you can imagine, all i got beside the files was "error" as the hard location to play through my pc couldnt be found.


So, I closed itunes, re attched the HD with all the music on and booted up again. Viola, my music is now there and i can play all tracks etc. No problems


One thing i have noticed is that the icloud status beside each track is now completely blank, however my tunes are still in the cloud?


I tested this by streaming from the cloud on my apple tv and it works fine.


It addition, i updated itunes match this morning as i have imported 5 x new cd's. I see see the status "waiting" beside each track, however the rest of my librabry files are still showing a blank icloud status??


Furthermore, when i click "get into" on one of the blank tracks, it says that the item has not yet been processed by itunes match??




Im presently uploading the cd's that could not be matched and after going though the cycle it would appear the software is only uploading the new tracks, seeing the existing library as already in the cloud.


Just a little worried that there may be a problem somewhere further down the line as the icloud status symbol has disapperaed for all existing librbary/tracks already uploaded??


Perhaps when ive finished the present uploading cycle it may correct but this one is confusing me a little.


Any view of or comments would be greatly appreciated folks.



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    Where is the iTunes library.itl file located. Is it on your hard drive or ext HD?



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         Hey Jim,


    Thanks for coming back to me.


    From what i can see the itl file is on my pc not on the HDD.


    The file ITUNES is in my music folder and contains subfolders such as previous itunes libraries, album artwork as well as itune library itl file.


    The HDD contains the subfolders music, podcasts etc in a folder i created so im assuming i copied these across without adding the rest?


    Appreciate your help and support to resolve without me screwing up the whole thing :-)


    Best Regards



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    Do you have a recent back up for the itl file. If so, restore this file to take you back to your previous position.


    How old are the files in the previous itunes folder. If one is from the recent upgrade to itunes 11.0.5, you could possible use this - delete latest itl file but  don't move to trash yet and move the old on into its place. You will need to rename it to itunes library.itl


    A suggestion for the future. If you are going to use itunes without HD attached, create a new blank library http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1589. Once created you can sign into match, select add this computer and let process complete. Once done you will see all your music in the cloud. When you attached your ext HD, select location of original library.


    Trust this helps.



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    Thanks for this, appreciate it.


    Of the previous ITL files, the latest is back at the start of June so reverting back to this isnt really an option as there have been mutiple changes and numerous cd's added to the library since then.


    As i say, the music does appear to be in the cloud as i can access from other devices. Its just the icloud staus field is now blank int he library.


    If i leave as is, i take it no mjaor issue or must i take corrective action to resolve?


    Im concerned that with those files with a blank status field i select get info and it says "not yet processed by itunes match" however it does appear to be in the cloud after being uploaded previously.


    Sorry for the hassle Jim.....



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    Are you still waiting for recent additions to be matched/uploaded? If they are still being processed it may be that everything will be OK after process is complete. However I find that it is odd that the iCloud Status filed is blank. I would at least expect it to show "Waiting" if process has not completed.


    If nothing is resolved, try holding shift key whilst signing out of match. Close itunes then relaunch. This should show all the music that you have added to youir itunes library / ext HD.


    Now turn on match, you will have to sign in and will be asked to add this computer. Do so. Let process complete. You will need to go to menu > view > view options to add Icloud status column back to song view.



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    Thank you so much for all you help.


    I let the current process complete, turned off match and then re-enabled again.


    Everything is back to normal.


    Strange how that works, but was driving me nuts...


    Appreciate your help