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To All:


I bought one of the new Airport Extreme routers (the verticle model) for my home wifi system yesterday and installed it.  Although the performance is obviously much better on those devices that have been able to connect to the system, I have only been able to consistently connect with three out of the eight devices in our home.  All of the devices "see" the network, they just can't connect.  When you try to connect the device seems to go into a feedback loop where you can see it transmitting and receiving information, but nothing happens. A census of the devices is as follows:


  • 1 2007 Mac running Mtn. Lion ver: 10.8.4 (connects, that is what I am writing this on)
  • 2 ipads both running system 6.1.3 (10b329), (one connects, the other doesn't--the one that connects I upgraded the system software yesterday)
  • 2 iPhones, 1 iphone 4s running 6.1.3 (10b329) which connects, 1 iphone 3 (unknown software) which does not connect
  • 2 Windows laptops, 1 running Windows 7, 1 running Windows 8, neither connect
  • Xbox, doesn't connect

The system that I have is a modem that comes off of a high speed wireless (WiMax type of service) antenna that directly connects to the Airport router which is on the main floor of the house with very good signal strength throughout our home.


I have searched many message boards and tried all of the "wifi tricks" for getting the system to run including:


  1. Disconnecting and rebooting devices in sequence
  2. Renaming network and establishing new passwords
  3. Renewing the DHCP lease
  4. Upgrading OS software to current versions (this computer and one iPad


Can anyone help me with this problem?




AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Gen)