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How do I connect an HP LaserJet 5000 GN printer to my iMac (system 10.7.5) ?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • den.thed Level 7 Level 7

    See > Mac Basics: Printing in OS X Mountain Lion & OS X Lion


    If OS X doesn't automatically load the drivers, go to > HP Support, Drivers.

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    Hi den.thed, thank you for your response. I'm more in question of the cable connections between the two. The LaserJet is an older model and the only common connectors are the Ethernet outlets. They both support 10 Base-T and I'm wondering if this connection would allow the iMAC to recognize the printer.

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    Yes, go to: > OS X Mountain Lion: Set up a printer and scroll down to "Add a network printer to your list of printers"


    It also depends on how is your iMac currently connected to the Internet..?


    If it connected wirelessly to your ISP (Internet Service Providers) Modem/Router, then check to see if it has an Ethernet port for adding more Ethernet devices like computers and printers. Optionally, you should also be able to connect the printer directly to the iMac's unused Ethernet port.


    If it is connected directly to your ISP (Internet Service Providers) Modem using an Ethernet cable and there are multiple Ethernet ports on the ISP modem, then connect the printer to one of those free ports. If your ISP modem has only one Ethernet port, then you will need an aftermarket Ethernet Hub or Router and create a small local network.


    see > Creating a small Ethernet network


    If you have an aftermarket Ethernet Router (for example a Belkin, Netgear or Linksys) most have additional Ethernet ports to connect Ethernet devices like another computer or printer.


    If I have totally lost you, call your ISP and ask them help you setup a small local Ethernet Network that you can add your printer to.

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    Thanks once again den.thed, first I'm going to try the direct connection using the ethernet ports and see if it works. The iMac is connected to the ISP modem/router wirelessly and the modem has 4 ethernet ports, but the printer is too far away to run a cable. Being the amateur that I am, at first I tried connecting with a parallel cable using a usb adapter but of course that didn't work. Anyway, I think you put me on the right track so thank you. If the direct doesn't work I'll look into the network setup, I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Ok, I too have been having a time with hooking up the Great HP 5000 GN to my new 2013 MacPro desktop computer.

    And I have tried everthing.  Excep This, Last night I decided to treat it as a brand new printer, right out of the box.

    I turned it off, (the rocker switch) and unpluged everthing to it and left it overnight.


    This morning I plug it in.  In this order, the Ethernet Cable from the Xfinity Modem / Router.  Then the Power Cord,

    Then turned it on ( the rocker switch).  And let it go through the initaliting process.

    Then at the printer panel on the printer, I printed out a fresh Configuration.  I noticed right away the IP Address was different than the one I had been trying to use.


    Then I went into the System Preferences / Printers & Scanners.  Held down the Control Key with with the curser in the

    big area where the Printers/Scanners are listed and clicked on it to reset the items inside that area. To clean everthing out.


    Then  clicked the IP ikon and put the NEW IP Number in the address space.

    BINGO !!!  Spacs started to fill up!  And I hit the Add Button.

    I opened Illustrator and pulled up a file and went through the paces to print.  BINGO ! The printer went into action before

    I took my finger off the button!


    This is the first time I have ever posted anything. But I just had to tell y'all who have had the same trouble as I have.


    So now,  you can have Happy Holidays with your MacPro OS X 10.10.1 and the HP 5000 series