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I recently updated to Mt. Lion & was sad to find that the lovely tropical beaches, were no longer a choice for

Mt. Lion Screen Saver, so I settled with Cosmos. However, today, after a restart (due to issues with modem),

Cosmos has vanished and the choices are very limited. What have I done?


Thanks, for your time,



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), HK Sound Sticks + iSub
  • Eric Root Level 8 Level 8 (38,925 points)

    If you have a backup, go to the hard drive level System folder/Library/Screen Savers and restore that folder.

  • blueCdreams Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Eric, thanks for taking time to help! I do back up, every Sunday!

    However, before I do, as you suggested, I just found the 2 favorites screen savers, Cosmos & Beaches,

    here: My HD>System>Library>ScreenSavers & found these: Beach.slideSaver and Cosmos.slideSaver, there are several others, as well, but none of them show up as options, when I go to SystemPrefs>Desktop/ScreenSaverScreen Saver Options is greyed out.


    However, if I select Classic, in Slideshows, (not in ScreenSavers) the Source button is re-activated & I can select Cosmos (yay!)but Beaches, is still not available, here.


    Just trying to learn more about how it all works, to avoid making whatever mistake, I made, which caused Cosmos to vanish. Now, that I found it, I'm not sure I want to do anything else.


    Please, clarify your instructions; "restore that folder" to which location? Can I simply drag it to the location or do I need to make a copy, first.