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Why won't JAVA run even after uninstalling, reinstalling, and my MAC says the latest version is installed.

What is the blasted problem??

Thank u

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    What are you trying to do, and what happens when you try?

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    Thanx for responding


    I'm trying to upload online Bridge on POGO or Yahoo games...  I get the 'unplugged applet' thing and the games won't load.  On POGO it gives me an 'Oops, your computer doesn't seem to have the latest version of Java' and then I went thru all the steps... multiple times....

    And again, I've un/re-installed Java and my Mac says the latest version is installed. All Java boxes are enabled.

    Under system pref. the Java window says Standard Edition Version 7 Update 25 (build1.7.0_25-b15).   duh, like I know what that means...

    This is a recurring problem, unpredictable in its frequency and very annoying.   Forget Syria, this is serious!   :./

    sorry, had to lighten it up...

    I spoke with someone at Apple last nite and he referred me here.


    thx in advance

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    To do what you want, you need to download and install the Oracle Java web plugin from java.com.


    Before doing that, please see below.


    Java on the Web (not to be confused with JavaScript, to which it's not related, despite the similarity of the names) is a weak point in the security of any system. Java is, among other things, a platform for running complex applications in a web page, on the client. That was always a bad idea, and Java's developers have proven themselves incapable of implementing it without also creating a portal for malware to enter. Past Java exploits are the closest thing there has ever been to a Windows-style virus affecting OS X. Merely loading a page with malicious Java content could be harmful.
    Fortunately, client-side Java on the Web is obsolete and mostly extinct. Only a few outmoded sites still use it. Try to hasten the process of extinction by avoiding those sites, if you have a choice. Forget about playing games or other non-essential uses of Java.
    Java is not included in OS X 10.7 and later. Discrete Java installers are distributed by Apple and by Oracle (the developer of Java.) Don't use either one unless you need it. Most people don't. If Java is installed, disable itnot JavaScript — in your browsers.
    Regardless of version, experience has shown that Java on the Web can't be trusted. If you must use a Java applet for a task on a specific site, enable Java only for that site in Safari. Never enable Java for a public website that carries third-party advertising. Use it only on well-known, login-protected, secure websites without ads. In Safari 6 or later, you'll see a lock icon in the address bar with the abbreviation "https" when visiting a secure site.