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I am using imovie11. I created screen in adobe indesign (42.8"x28.7"). I exported to jpeg, opened in photoshop elements and resized to 1920x1080. I then created 3 more screens same size with indesign, only difference being that the artwork on the subsequent screens was set against a black background on the bottom of the screen so image really was on a 42.8"x20.45" of the screen. I then exported and opened and resized to the 1920x1080 size and rue saved to jpegs. The first screen I spoke of had same dimension of black with no artwork on it. The whole idea was to create a slide screen for slide show that would have mini movie running in it, the three screens I spoke of, in a picture and picture effect. Problem is the movie pip fits but not the 42.8"x20.45" part of the base screen. When shared out using QuickTime then played on large screen TV THE MINI MOVIE WITH CUBE TRANSITIONS is not large enough. I really need to know how to stretch the pip in imovie and not proportionately I guess. Is that possible because no matter what I do I wind up with more black than I need or want when placing the pip movie.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    … I'm a bit lost in your description, hopefully, I answer the correct question


    a) There's no 'inches' in video, just pixel. 1920x1080. done

    b) PiP only offers 16:9 (if your project is 16:9)

    c) content with a different aspect ratio gets cut-off or stretched

    d) to create a PiP other than 16:9, you have to work with transparencies

    follow illustrated advice I gave here:


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    Thank you for your input and possible solution... I did try making png files and am encountering the same issue, the added pic or video in this case is still too large for the intended area at bottom of base screen. I have a black section at the bottom of base screen and created the intended PIP with a black background to strech the width of the base screen but to only take up 20.45" of the height of the base screen...



    Advanced_Base.jpg here is the base screen... I want to be able to insert the PIP into black area... here is one of the screens that is suppose to be in the PIP....



    Advanced_Screen_1_USE.jpg  then it is followed by this



    Advanced_Screen_2_USE.jpg then this....


    Advanced_Screen_3_Fall_USE.jpg the 3 of the screens are placed PIP in black area of base screen and should cover the black area in the base but go far beyond that when streched (cropped) here is a link of the entire slide show at this point... it is displayed on a 47" television screen and needs to have the portions I am speaking of larger than what they are at present so as to be seen better from a distance.. especially the 2nd screen of the 3 that I told you are to be in the PIP ... I even reset the ad copy to be larger... here's the link http://clientaccess.techedgecomputersolutions.com/heartland/kalamata-web.....this is for puter and here it is optimized for IOS...http://clientaccess.techedgecomputersolutions.com/heartland/Kalamata's-iOS.mp4 The computer link is best viewed using google chrome at 1024x768... You will need to relax a little so as to see the entire slideshow.. it is a wee bit long but, you will see that the screen I am speaking of will come up and hopefully this will explain things better.. not sure there is anything I can really do but... hoping you will have suggestion....the png files do the same thing ... can't strech horizontallly without increasing height of PIP ::?( the 3 PIP's are put togetheri in Imovie with cube transition in between each...as the links will show...

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    As a followup.. here is a couple of screen shots trying to do what I have been describing...


    Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.30.26 AM.png


    Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.35.21 AM.png

    If I try to get the image to strech to the sides a bit more... it also increases in height... don't want to lose the name of the business, image at top of screen needs to stay the same ...hope this helps... one more screen shot will show you what i don't want to have happen


    Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.39.11 AM.png



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    Mapguy54 wrote:

    ... can't strech horizontallly without increasing height of PIP …

    maybe I wasn't clear i my first reply:

    PiP is ALWAYS 16:9


    This is called an 'aspect-ratio' - not measured in inches, but a 'relation': 160x90, 320x45, 1920x1080 = all '16:9' ...

    Your insert area is NOT 16:9




    I inserted a rectangle of 16:9.


    You can resize PiP, close to full screen, but just 'close', no 'full screen PiP' = this would simply replace the 'underlying track'.



    Mapguy54 wrote:

    ... it is a wee bit long but, you will see that the screen I am speaking of will come up and hopefully this will explain things better.. …

    gimme a time-code, I'm not willing to watch 20min of some restaurant offers

    btw: All-caps make the lines really hard to read! For a good reason, typo offers Caps and menuscules.


    … as - imho! - your 'charts' are totally over-crowded; the red-yellow one contains about 10 info-items (name, branche, address, url, names, offers, ....) - in a Print-Ad, that is probably neccessary, but in a video??

    On my meanwhile obsolete website, I once showed some simple options to 'animate' and structure texts:

    https://sites.google.com/site/karstenschluter/how-to-make-a-vidcast/movie-magic- with-stills



    final word:

    instead of doing the 'compositing' in iMovie (last choice…), I would prepare the diff.charts in your pic-processor, and then dissolve btw two stills:


    2stills dissolve.jpg


    the identical parts are untouched by the effects.-


    == addendum ==

    'Coupons' in a video????



    == 2nd addendum ==

    You could pre-produce the 'inserts' as individual projects, with all blingbling, cube trasition etc; export them, re-import into an Event and place them in your 'Master Project'

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    you were very clear in your first explanation.. I understand the fact that all my work and all my imovie project is in 16:9 ratio... I am just frustrated that the PIP effect can not allow for distortion maybe?? I merely want the mini movie to work in bottom 1/3 of the big picture, where the black is, and fill the black area without over riding the top of the base screen...I have pre produced the mp4 of the two screens you show in the events section of your screen shot along with the coupon as well all tied together with the cube transition... it is to appear as thogh the top portion stays same and bottom part has the mini movie working.... as shown with this screen shot.. I merely want the mini movie, coupon...and other two screens, as shown in my event section to fill more of the bottom part of the black part of screeen without doing what the second screen shot shows


    Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.35.21 AM.png

    NOT this .....


    Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.39.11 AM.png


    it appears you were able to get the effect ... not the dissolve so much but the fact that the two images fit into the black part of the base screen without overriding the top of the base screen... how did you do this .. keep in mind i would like to keep a cube transition between the two images you have and the coupon... I have created the mini movie as you can see and exported it to mp4 and reimported and did the PIP thing with the resulting smaller than the area i want to cover or if resizing.. larger that the area, at least height wise ....call me stupid but I am just really frustrated I don't understand how to get these 3 screens into the base screen without doing the PIP thing.. I only want it to be a single slide in the whole big picture

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    Mapguy54 wrote:

    …  and fill the black area without over riding the top of the base screen..…

    again: you can't (aless with iMovie....)


    To open my Box Of Stupid Tricks, look:




    at 1.jpg

    I prepped an 'animation' of your star = simple Ken Burns Zoom In

    applying that to my Project, notice the PiP-handles!

    The 16:9 clip does NOT fill the black area!

    But, black clip, black background ...

    so, it zooms just inside the area, keeps the top-bar untouched


    #2) scroll INSIDE black area:

    same technique: prepped the scroll as projects, re-import to Events, add as PiP


    at 2.jpg


    #3) Changing background pic

    I made the bg pic in two versions. A hard cut btw the two gives the illusion, the pointer is 'breaking the barrier';



    etc etc etc




    speaking of content:


    This pic …


    at at.jpg


    is lots of doubled content! Same message in diff. fonts…

    and, again, overwhelming overdose of info for a video ....

    It's a VIDEO, split it into parts, each for a few seconds, as I did in my demo for you....


    (and your companies URL is … close to world-record in length

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    I am very very appreciative of your explanations... but, again call me stupid I am still not filling my black space enough on the base clip that I want to fill.. if it would be not too forward, could I ask to possibly email the base jpeg and mp4 that I created to you and see if you can make happen what I am after? I realize the website of their company is long, however, this is an ad that they had me create for a print project and want it to work for this slideshow screen... I guess I have bit off more than I can chew... am not real adept to creating any slideshow or video projects and merely created this in past 3 months and it looks nice on TV but this particular screen is not filling the screen bottom like they want it to. I have explained that the aspect ratio somewhat limits what can be done, but, then didn't think I could accomplish the screen that is not running until I tried... now I am just stumped, :?( My photo editing program in Photoshop Elements 10

    also i want to add that the slide itself is on screen for approxiamately 30 seconds with the individual shots in cube transistion are on display for approxiamately 10 seconds each.

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    Mapguy54 wrote:

    …  could I ask to possibly email the base jpeg and mp4 that I created to you and see if you can make happen what I am after? …

    pretty easy - 'cause I wouldn't use limited iMovie but FCPX for that!


    click on my name in this thread, my profile lists my public eMail ... we chat there!

    (do you use DropBox or similiar?)