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When I try to pan the audio to the left or right I do not hear it panning. I also tried to automate the panning and it still doesnt work. I connected headphone as well to my audio interface and Im still not able to hear the audio pan to the left or right. Can anyone help?

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Presonues Firestudio Interface
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    Hi, lets try this:


    -Start a new project featuring one mono track;

    -Configure this mono track Output to Stereo Out (Out 1-2);

    -Insert, from >Utility<>Test Oscillator<;

    -On the Stereo Out you should observe now the L/R output meter light up steady;

    -Dial the Pan knob and observe the Stereo Out meter light up accordingly.


    And if, after following this instructions your conclusions are affirmative, thenI think the source of your problem is hardware based. Check all of the connections for instance.


    Have a nice day!

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    Thanks. I saw the panning in the stereo out meter so it has to be my hardware. Thanks!! Ill let you know how it goes lol