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How do I connect an airport express to an airport extreme via wifi?  The Airport extreme is connect to the ethernet/internet; I'm trying to daisy chain the express to the 2nd story of my house.  I've tried using the Airport Utility but I haven't gotten anywhere...


please help!



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    First make sure both AirPort Base Stations are both 802.11n - capable models. This excludes the original AirPort Express models A1084 or A1088 and the original, "round" AirPort Extreme Base Stations. They were discontinued roughly five and six years ago, respectively.


    Then, read the instructions here: Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations


    Read the definitions, and expand the headings until you find Wirelessly Extended Network (802.11n), and then follow the instructions under Wi-Fi base stations: Setting up and configuring an extended wireless network (802.11n)


    The terminology, notes, and pictures are all important, but none more so than the following:


    "To create a wireless extended network, you must place any extended Wi-Fi base stations within range of the primary Wi-Fi base station."


    I suggest they should be well within range of the primary Wi-Fi base station... not anywhere near its limit.


    "Start with the device that will be configured as the primary Wi-Fi base station. Then configure your extended Wi-Fi base stations, ensuring that each is within direct range of the primary Wi-Fi base station. The physical location of extended Wi-Fi base stations will vary according to the building environment and may require some experimentation."




    "...it may be helpful to do a factory default reset of each Wi-Fi base station that will be part of the wireless extended network before you begin."

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    I am having the same problem as TJamesC and I am sure it is because my AirPort Expresses are 1st generation. My AirPort Time Capsule recognizes the one AirPort Express (AirTunes) connected to our stereo system, but our AirPort Utility does not support it. It sounds like I need to get new AirPort Expresses if I want to extend our network's range. My questions are as follows:


    1 - Our Time Capsule is version 7.6.4, should I replace it now while I'm updating everything else?

    2 - If I replace my existing Time Capsule, can I transfer my back-up files to the new Time Capule?

    3 - Should I replace the AirPort Express we are using to connect to the stereo with a new version so that AirPort Utility supports it?

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    the airport is configured as Bridge (not DHCP), because I connected it with my fastweb router.

    Check the Model No of the AirPort Express on side of the device. A 1st Gen AirPort Express is Model No A1264.


    Apple started using the "Generation" naming with the introducting of wireless "n" products. Chances are, you have a Model No A1084 or A1088 which are older versions of the AirPort Express that do not support "n" wireless.


    You need a Model No A1264 or the newer AirPort Express, Model No A1392 if you want to extend the Time Capsule's network wirelessly.


    1 - Our Time Capsule is version 7.6.4, should I replace it now while I'm updating everything else?

    Unless you simply want a new product, there would be no reason to replace the Time Capsule that you have now....unless you have recently purchased a MacBook Air laptop, and want to take advantage of faster wireless speeds.


    However, even if you purchased a new Time Capsule, your current wireless devices will operate at the same speeds that they did before.


    2 - If I replace my existing Time Capsule, can I transfer my back-up files to the new Time Capule?

    Yes you can, but this is a complex procedure. It would be much simpler to start with new backups on the new Time Capsule and hold onto the old Time Capsule. Chances are after a few months, you really won't need all the old backups on the old Time Capsule, so you can erase the drive and use it as a spare drive or sell the device.


    3 - Should I replace the AirPort Express we are using to connect to the stereo with a new version so that AirPort Utility supports it?

    That would be a wise investment.

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    Wow, what a nightmare.  Not at ALL easy to set up.  I have an airport extreme and wanted to extend my wireless connection.  The way the ads said it, it would be easy!  haha.  Not quite.  I followed directions, to the letter.  I could not get the utility to configure the airport express.  I got error after error message on that.  In the end, I just wanted my old wireless network up with airport extreme and I managed to screw that up.  Most of my time was spent just getting everything back to the way it was.  Now it's time to return the airport extreme.  Lesson learned.  What I really want is an antenna for the airport extreme instead of this cockamamie way to extend the range of my wireless.  I'm a Mac guy and usually this is easy to use, but not in this case. 

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    JGPatterson both you and Swainbrook should start a new discussion so that your unique circumstances can be addressed. Please include all your relevant system details - your Extreme model number, your OS X version, the kind of Internet service you have, a general idea of what you want to accomplish, and the specific error messages you encounter is the minimum amount of information necessary. The more detail, the better.


    Sometimes, two problems are alike or very similar, but that's almost never the case with wireless networking. The number of variables involved often contributes to Extreme frustration, but there is no reason to believe you cannot accomplish what you seek.



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    Naw, it shouldn't be this hard.  I don't want to spend hours and hours trying to make this work.  I'd rather get the refund and maybe find a way to put the Airport Extreme up higher to get greater range.  I do wish I could put an antenna on it, but that won't work.  Pshaw, I had hopes.  Hey it could be worse.  I could be messing around with Windows based stuff.  Aye carrumba. 

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    John - My problem (as Bob Timmons suggested) was that my 2 Airport Expresses were 1st generation.  I bought 2 new Airport Expresses and was able to extend our wifi range without difficulty.  That is: I plugged in the new Airport Expresses, opened Airport Utility, the system recognized the new Airport Expresses and I was good to go.