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Hello, I installed Windows 8 via Bootcamp, on my late 0'9 Intel iMac version 10.8.3. I followed ProjectRelentless's post . Everything went smooth. Now i'm having just one problem. The brightness control says " Unavailble ". Now it has nothing to do with my keyboard. Imagine I had a Windows keyboard. It would still say " Unavailble". I can't install the new drivers becuase it says this requires Windows 7 to run. So I was wondering if someone could post just the Brightness control driver. If you post the single driver i'm pretty sure i'll be able to install it.


This has nothing to do with adaptive brightness. So please don't post that. My screen is medium bright. Just where I want it. I just want the ability to control it how I please.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)