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Victoria Herring Level 2 (290 points)

I have 8500 images from a trip in 2006 that I imported from an old appproject into a new Aperture Library.  They came in fine other than the Date Created didn't come in = the information is there [when I did a Get Info IPTC Core] it shows up greyed out] but it's not in the Date Created column unless I go thru one by one and click each one in the IPTC Core info Date Created area and then click the image row in the column in list view...Which I don't want to do for 8500 images.


How can I get the Date Created to show up in the Column view?  I did do the Reprocess Originals once before but that was before I was checking the dates.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 17G RAM
  • norbertmuc Level 1 (135 points)

    Date created is written by the camera to EXIF, not to IPCT. IPCT is your "handwritten" data.

    If your aparently old camera didn't write the date to EXIF - you are out of luck

  • Victoria Herring Level 2 (290 points)

    The camera [a Canon20D] did have data in it...maybe moving the stuff from appproject to Aplibrary deleted it...thanks for the explanation.

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Does the EXIF date show?


    Why do you need the IPTC "date created" data?

  • Victoria Herring Level 2 (290 points)

    Sorry for the delay, busy.  In the Info panel the EXIF data show up fine.  When I have it on General in the Info panel the date shows up fine as well for both images.  But in the column for Date it doesn't show up - see attached image.  Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 2.30.20 PM.jpg  I'm using TidyUp to deal with the duplicates and it does quite well but I'm having an issue framing the right search/find so I can easily find the Dups and get rid of them.


    What is odd is that the library #1 was imported from a bunch of folders of images and that gave me no dates in the column  [the same set I've asked about before regarding Toast/Roxio elsewhere] and then when I imported/merged Library #2 into it I got Dups [which I wasn't worried about] from the same source, I got the dates but am having issues framing the right TidyUp smart search.