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Hello I have a factory unlocked Iphone 4s and was working great for 5 months after purchase date running 6.1.2, and after I upgraded it to 6.1.3 it started to have signal issues to the point that says SIM is recognized but there is no bar of signal at all, dont even let me make any call nor receiving calls.

Here I attach the Screenshot:


I have been waiting for the IOS 7 since I understand that the main issue is the 6.1.3 for iphone 4s in some devices. Hopefully if I upgrade it when iOS 7 is available will work, oh, and by the way, I cant take it to the Apple, since its over warranty..


Have anyone experience this and have had the luck to solve it=??




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    Most likely your phone was not "factory unlocked", rather hacked to unlock. When you updated, the hack was removed and the phone re-locked to it's original carrier.


    iOS 7 won't fix this problem.  You need to get it officially unlocked by the carrier to which it was originally locked.



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    I bought it Factory Unlocked, it is Factory Unlock, but like I mention above, its not only me who have this issue, a lot of people also have this problem once they upgraded from either previous version to 6.1.3 (iphone 4s) and no one have the solution yet apparently thru all the forums I have read.

    Thanks for your comment though, I hope this can be solved eventually.

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    Did you buy this "factory unlocked" phone at an official Apple Store?  If so, get a warranty replacement/


    This is not a problem with iOS 6.1.3, and there will be no "fix" in any future release.  Please post a link to the "a lot people" reporting this problem in any forum.

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    The only Factory Unlock that is real is a phone purchased directly from an Apple store or Apple online. All other "factory unlocked" phones were unlocked by hacking them in the basement or back room of the store where you bought it. Was your phone purchased directly from Apple? Does the receipt say "Unlocked"?

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    Already managed to send it to Apple, Under Warranty. Thanks to all replies!