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I just thought about a problem I've been living with since  Apr or so.  Blockbuster changed the way they streamed their movies online.  Initially I could download them without a problem.  They also offered more titles than they do now with their new format.  I have tried to use it, and tried to get help with using it at Blockbuster.com when it happened.  It appeared that the movie Spiderman2 or Skyfall wasn't available in the new format, and I had them ordered to watch for the next 30 days, so I wasn't refunded or given anything to replace it.  I had literally fallen through the cracks.  I notified them about the problem, and they refunded me, upon explaining the new changes, and told me what to do to use it.  Well, according to them, My problem is just an anomaly, because it works on other Macs, w/o a glitch.  You were supposed to download the app and it would automatically run and give you the choice of watching the movies you bought or save it, or some other way like opening the app would open up the page where you could choose the movies and pay.  After a lot of sympathetic ears, and no good advice, I gave up on it.  I didn't think there was anyplace else that could provide what I want for the money.  But, about 4-5 months later, for some reason, I thought BB had updated their software, and maybe now it would work. But now, back to the customer service for solutions.  No new input.  Never heard of this before, they said.  Advised deleting a lot of different files and downloading and uploading other copies of their apps.  Nothing helped.  I have to believe somewhere is my computer code, some thing is written in my Mac's script to do this.  When I click on the BB app after downloading it, it lights up, but fails from any action after that. The Finder never changes windows, but the dock shows the BB app running. Incidentally I have a MacBook Pro Circa 2008 17 in. Intel Duo (something like that).

I would really like to use BB on demand.  I used BB by mail for years, until I took up with Netflix for a year, cuz they afforded you movies online. So when BB offered their BB by mail and Streaming.,there was no question.


Can anyone tell me how to get the app working, because if it does't activate the next screens, it is worthless to me? Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Thanks for your help in advance.  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I hope you got the message, after all the tangents I went off on!!

MacBook Pro (17-inch), iOS 6, utilities
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    Have you considered posting in BB forums?  More than likely there are other Mac users there with the same problem as yourself.


    What are BB system requirements?  You posted in the SL forums but you never advised which version of SL you are using.  You need to determine if your current OS version is compatible w/BB system requirements.



    Advised deleting a lot of different files

    What files?












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    Hi; Thanx for you quickresponse.  I'd like to give you exact details on that, but, it's been quite a while, so I no longer have the e-mail with their suggestions on what to leave in and what to leave out.  I know they did say something about checking into the frameworks for bb stuff. Regardless, the drive was newly erased so there were no hidden files by them or conflicting files that they could tell me about, obviously.  They had told me to use google when I was using their streaming originally, because Safari was functioning right. But I was not yet privy to the knowledge to the fact the Google Chrome takes over the World if you let it.  So I had to get the hard drive fixed after ridding it from Chrome wasn't enough.


    Regardless, I don't recall the exact specs, but I know they played on systems (OS 10X6.8)processors (Intel Duo) and ages, lesser than mine.


    I do appreciate the advice to contact BB forums.  I never noticed one on their website.  I'll have to look.  The only files I deleted were files that said BB on them.