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How can I open a .wps attachment in Entourage?

iMac, iOS 6.1.4
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    That is a dedicated Windows format for Microsft Works ( now obsolete) and there is no direct conversion on the Mac side. There are workabouts:




    The best thing is to encourage those who send such files to use "Save as..." from Works to save the file in another format. I believe Works allows the .rtf format that will open in TextEdit on the Mac. If they have the .doc option, you can open the file with Apple's Pages, Word for Mac, or any of the free productivity suites like LibreOffice.


    I received .wps files on a Win computer that did not have Works and it did not get very far either. Sounds like someone is not very accustomed to sharing files online.


    Can you tell us what model iMac you have and what Mac OS version it is running? "iOS" is not a Mac computer OS; runs only on iDevices.

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    Thanks for that.  I have asked the sender to save in a different format, and I'm fairly sure they can do that.


    I don't know how to find out what model Mac I have as my son who normally handles the techno stuff is away.  However I recently had to install Snow Leopard to accommodate his iPhone 5, if that's any help.

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    Snow Leopard helps. Thanks.


    I'll ask the Hosts to move you to the other iMac forum which is more active. Although one can't tell from the ambiguous (Latin for "bone-headed") forum labeling, this one is for iMacs made before 2006 that cannot run Snow Leopard (OS 10.6). Lots of people have trouble with the labels--it's not your fault!


    You'll get more eyeballs on the issue in the other forum, and someone there might have other suggestions.


    Have a great week!