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I have enjoyed using iMovie on the Mac to create "Trailers" of my family movies. I purchased iMovie for iPad and there are some new interesting "Trailers", different from the ones on the Mac. So I'd like to try them out.

But I cannot figure out how to move .MOV files onto an iPad. (Ironic, I know). Here are the things I've tried.

1. I tried a straight drag and drop when the iPad was connected, from Finder window to iPad on the Device. No go.

2. I tried to create an iTunes playlist of the movie, which works fine on iTunes on the Mac. but

      a. It won't show up on iTunes on the iPad, even after making sure it was supposed to be synced and checked

      b. It won't show up in iMovie on the iPad

3. I tried to put it into iPhoto on the Mac, and made an 'album' with it. It won't show up on the iPad even after careful syncing.


As a test, i recorded a few seconds of video on the iPad, and of course it works fine. But the videos I am interested in turning into Trailers are movies I have already recorded of my family. "Gee, Wally, isn't there a way to do this?"

Is there any way to put a video from iMac to iPad?

iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6.1.4
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    additional info: I found some hint that the iPad can't take just any old movie format, so I used "Convert to format for iPad", an option i had never seen on iTunes on my imac before. But sadly, even the .m4v format of the movie will not show up on the iPad under iTunes nor under iMovie.

    I can certainly take an iPad iMovie trailer to the iMac if I 'finish' it, but it is a final a product, so i would have to break it up into all the little sections again. 

    So I still cannot seem to move a movie file to the iPad iMovie edit window. All my 'finished' iMovies show up under "movies" on the iPad, but never under the iMovie edit window. Hope that's clear.

    I want to use those new trailers with my home video.

    NEWEST Update, still no joy

    I found this tech article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4792 that says i can move an iMovie from iOS to iMovie on my Mac. I followed the steps exactly, but iMovie on teh Mac does not recognize the iMovie Trailer, so the Import button stays grayed out.

    so close.


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    So the ONLY way i found was to be sure the raw movies are in iPhoto. This is not my preferred place for movies because they show up in a lump, not in events. Nevertheless, if they are in iPhoto, and if i check "Include Movies" when syncing iPad to imac, they show up on the iPad and i can make iPad iMovie for iOS trailers. i did that tonight.


    and so now, to bring them back to iTunes. you choose Send to iTunes and they are supposed to go to iTunes on the ipad, and then sync back to the imac. Haven't got this working right just yet. I can see the trailer in the sync dialog box, and saving it to the iMac folders works, but then it is unusable, will not open in any app such as iTunes, iMovie, iWhatever.

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    Solo, I just got my first iPad, and I have to admit, moving files back and forth between a Mac and iOS device is sooooo frustrating. I've got a bunch of video on my Mac that awash shot with my Canon 7D. I ran them through Adobe Media Encoder to change the format so that it would be iPad friendly. However, getting it into iMovie on the iPad to build a project is incredibly difficult. I still have yet to find a method. Apple is supposed to be easy to use, but the file management system is unforgiving. Hopefully, someday Apple will fix this.

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    Yeah - sure is flustrating.  I too had the files show that they were there in iTunes - AND in Videos on the iPad mini but NOT in iMovie.

    I re-synced the videos to the iTunes Picture library - checking "include videos" and now iMovie can find them... w i e r d !  But worked - now the fun begins! 

    Hope this works for others!