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I'm running Bridge CC along with PS, and I'm having problems with the cache.The best advice seems to be to trash the cache and reloadt, but  Bridge Preferences says the cache is located at /User/Library/Caches/Adobe Bridge CC/Cache/  and I can't find it. In fact, I can't find any Adobe cache folder anywhere, for any adobe product. The Library/Cache/ folder shows only Apple and caches for my two printers. I suspect this is Apple hiding such things, and maybe that's a generally good idea but I do need to get in there to handle this problem,


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    Hold down the option key and click the "Go" menu in the Finder Bar. The option key will reveal your user library.

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    Thanks, I guess there is a library path and a "Library" path and never the twain shall meet without this kind of help,


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    You're welcome.


    There are three "Library's" : root, system, and user's (if you have multiple users, each user has a library).


    Root: /Library/

    System: /System/Library/

    User: /Users/yourusername/Library ( or, simply ~/Library). The tilde + slash indicates your user account.