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Is there a way to make a calendar public, so others can subscribe to view-only, but also editable by more than just the owner?  For example, my colleague and I would both like rights to edit a calendar, and we want to share it with a larger group for viewing-only.  Thanks for your help!

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    For more information on this, take a look at:


    Calendar: Share iCloud calendars



    Select how you want to share the calendar.

    If you select “Only the people you invite,” you can specify people to share the calendar. Click Add (+), type a person’s email address, and then select read-only access or read-and-write access in the Privilege column. To invite another person, click Add again.

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    Thanks for your reply!  If I'd like the read-only view for a large group of people, is there a way to offer them a link to subscribe to, rather than invite individual emails?