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how do i purchase codes , which i'll later on give to my clients as gift/prize ?

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Reply by pedro d on Sep 11, 2013 9:14 AM Helpful
Hello there, Antonio.hhd. The following Knowledge Base article should help you with purchasing an iTunes Gift: iTunes: Sending iTunes Giftshttp://support.apple.com/kb/HT2736 Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities. Cheers,Pedro D.

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    Hello there, Antonio.hhd.


    The following Knowledge Base article should help you with purchasing an iTunes Gift:


    iTunes: Sending iTunes Gifts



    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.



    Pedro D.

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    Hello Pedro,


    thanks for your quick reply . I still have some doubts :


    i read this in the link which you sent me:


    " purchased gift cannot be redeemed outside the country or purchase "


    So my question is:  i'm going to send these gift to my loyal customers , but they are around the world , so i'll try to have an account with some credits in Apple , and then will try to transfer these gift wherever i need ... can i do it ? my account will be only one and just in my company country of origin .


    Or is it that i'll just transfer a code to them , and they will be able to redeem the "app" from their country , and they won't be able to do it in case they are going to be in another country once they are actually redeeming it ?


    please let me know,






    antonio H.

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    There is no way for you to give an iTunes Store gift to someone outside of your country from your iTunes Store account. It just cannot be done. Gifts are valid only in the country in which the gift is purchased. The only possibility would be to contact the iTunes Store Corporate Sales Program:




    and find out if it would be possible for you to purchase iTunes cards for the clients in another country. Again, the cards will be country-specific, so you would need to purchase cards for each country in which you have clients, assuming that this is indeed even possible.