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I accidentally deleted one of my calendars and now I can't restore it from Time Machine.



In Time Machine, I can see Calendars folder in Library, but when I try to restore it, a warning pops up and says

The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access “0003E237-E7EA-4539-A2D1-15E451B58C5F.ics”


I've read articles on permission issues with Time Machine, and tried to fix it by entering this in Terminal:

sudo chmod 644 /volumes/"Time Machine Backups"/.14109fe63655


but I get:

chmod: /volumes/Time Machine Backups/.14109fe63655: No such file or directory


I've searched and tried different methods for hours but I can't bring this folder back or restore my calender


Please help! I'd appreciate any suggestions or alternate methods.