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my wife and I want to share iCal info. it worked for awhile, but now this error keeps appearing,


"The server responded: “403” to operation CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation" 


now it won't let me delete Calendars I have set up and I have no clue whether I share with her or she shares with me. Meaning, we have a Calendar called Work, for which we use Green. On my Mac Air it allows me to list all my Calendars under iCloud. On her Powerbook it breaks it up to her email address and to mine. So, the problem is who creates what? This is the single most confusing thing I have seen on our computer. iCloud was supposed to simplify, but it hasn't here.

I don't want to erase all the info we input to our Calendars.


Anyone? I know this is common, as I have seen it many times on the Support Communities. But I can't understand the solutions. Someone suggested deleting the invites. I don't even know how to do that. Do i need to change all my devices, or will my computer let my iPhone and iPad know what to do?


Please help


MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    My example was confusing. I meant:

    if I set up a Green colored Calendar called Work, she should not do it as well, right?

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    Correct, only one of you should have to create the iCloud calendar and then share with the other person via the share option.


    I too had the same error message on a calendar that I shared with my Wife (we share about 6 calendars in total) and I found the issue to be that I had what's considered to be a special character in the description of the calendar. I used 'St. Michaels School' and I received the same 403 error. I have now changed to 'St Michaels School' with no error message and the share is working correctly on the devices for me and my  Wife.