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Is it possible to map USB pedals to do different controls? I was thinking about purchasing this three pedal gaming setup to control mainstage, but can't figure it out. http://www.tinydeal.com/Robust-Design-USB-Foot-Switch-with-Three-Pedals-Addition al-Hand

MainStage, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), MainStage 3
  • Clotilde Gonzalez Level 1 (5 points)

    I am using two of this http://www.logidy.com/?pid=1

    very efective.

    The only problem is that in mainstage 3.0.1 sustain has a bug.

    I use them for patch change, panic, metronome, playback start and sustain*

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    I have the same logidy pedal and I am having prob;ems with Mainstage as well. Does this sound familar. I have the three different switches set to sustain, sostenutio, and soft (64, 66, 67). If I reroute pedal 2 from 66 to 64 in the assignments and mappings window the sound never stops sustaining. I have to click the pedal in the workspace to make it stop.

  • Clotilde Gonzalez Level 1 (5 points)

    Indeed bullinatic, sound never stops, what i do is change patch up or down and come back to the one I use the switch, then it stops.

    I've tried with a different switch pedal (Yamaha) connecting it directly to my keyboard (1/4 sustain Labeled) my keyboard is connected via USB, that works but its backwards when i push it it doesn't sustain the sound, then I release it and it does sustain it, I've tried "Invert Parameter Range" but it doesn't work   .


                        I've heard it's a bug so we just have to wait for apple to fix it.......