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So I tried for the last week to get Windows to work on my iMac, I spent endless hours to do that and I had no success.

Well, Windows runs but it runs sooo crappy. I think its because of the graphics drivers.


In Windows 7 game perfomance was worse then in Linux or OSX, and didnt improved with installed drivers, like they didnt even worked. In Device Manager as signature the windows driver was still shown, even after "Successful" installation. Windows lagged and freezed inside of other Windows and general look and feel was bad. After a couple reinstalls and reading online, trying different drivers etc. etc. I installed Windows8 because I thought it would maybe run fine. Windows 8 didnt had such a bad look and feel as Windows 7, so Windows were smoother etc. but you still saw that theres something wrong. Game perfomance was still bad, drivers didnt work...


I got a 2011 iMac with a radeon 6700M, I've tried nearly all AMD Drivers available (Mobility and normal one's out of desperation).

No success with anyone and the AMD Tool that should detect your hardware and download the driver for it tells me that I dont have compatible hardware..


What can I do?
Or do I really need to get a PC for Windows to work? -_-




iMac, Windows 7
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    The Bootcamp 5 software includes the recommended driver for your radeon card.  Just checking, you did download the latest Bootcamp version and install it (in windows 7) prior to anything else? After running the bootcamp software in windows, your radeaon card should show up in your device manager.


    Bootcamp also includes the chipset and other drivers necessary to make windows run. So its not optional.

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    Yup, I did both, fresh install and directly install bootcamp5 drivers, fresh install and first install graphics drivers, almost any combination you could think of.


    With installed bootcamp drivers the graphic card shows up, yes, but signature is still "microsoft windows compatibility layer" as I've seen. Also as I have read the bootcamp graphic drivers arent really good for gaming, or is this wrong?



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    maybe slow down, do it "by the book" once, and after you have everyting installed and Apple drivers, and run WEI, then get the "right" newest mobility from AMD.


    Sometimes, in the past, the Nvidia gpu was not installing when users ran Boot Camp 4/5 Setup.exe and had to go in and run just one.


    Installing off USB has the unfortunate effect of ejecting/disconnecting the device when the USB driver was being installed leading to a botched driver install. I always run and download drivers in Windows or copy to Windows desktop folder.


    I assume you have Windows 7 64-bit, maybe SP1  version, and more than 4GB RAM, 8GB perferably. And "more than enough" space for Windows, for games, for page and hibernation files to reside and still have about 50% free space.

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    I didnt really did anything different then what is told "by the book".

    What is "WEI" ?