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Hi there, so Ive just upgraded from the T2i to Canon 5D Mark III and this is the first time I'm importing footage to final cut. I have FCP 7 (Mac computer) and my video files are 1920x1080, h264 codec shot at 30 fps (29.97). Previously, when importing from the T2i, I used MPEG Streamclip to convert my video files to Apple Prores 422, and then import those compressed files into FCP 7, with field dominance being UPPER, pixels SQUARE. I never had an issue of quality loss or lines through my viewer and canvas using these settings. However, after attempting to do the same with my footage from the Mark III, I got lines through my footage. After researching a bit, I was convinced that the way to eliminate the problem was to download the 5DTORGB app for $50. This has not fixed my problem! Have tried multiple combinations of different field dominance settings and nothing is working. Is this an interlacing problem? I attempted to catch a screenshot but everytime I pause the video or take a shot, the lines do not show...I do not know what is going on! My original mov files are fine, it is only once I convert and import to final cut that they get these little lines... I am desperate for answers, please someone help!!!

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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