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    Guys after reading your comments I only have 1 more question. When I change my iphone 5 (32gb black/slate unlock model) this december for a exact same one, and I want to buy a new iphone5S, or probably an iphone5C; what do you recommend me to do with my iphone5? Should I try to sell it on ebay? Does the fact of being discontinued have a big impact on the market (price). My applecare+ plan expires until fall of 2014.

  • Dirty Vegas Level 4 Level 4 (1,430 points)

    My information was incomplete. 

  • azMonsoon Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Though theoritically if they are out of iphone 5 then they would hopefully upgrade you to a new or refurbished iphone 5s

    This is only based on my one experience with apple on a Mac Mini hard-drive that failed during the warranty, it so happened that they did not make hard-drives that small anymore, so they upsized me to a hard-drive that was 50gb bigger/more at no cost to me


    btw I also have an iphone 5 with applecare plus,  though applecare I believe they are legal binded to honor it for the 2's paid for.

    I also read today that they will honor it for those of us that already have iphones....and at the same replacement costs of $49 for up to 2 accidents, where as the new iphone buyers later this month their applecare plus replacement costs for accidental drops will go up to $79 per incident.  so I wouldn't worry.

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    I like your theory a lot. Hopefully they will do that, otherwise they will just lose another customer.

    True quote: "It takes years to win a customer, and only one day to lose him"


    Btw, so basically you are saying that Apple is formally obligated to respect my Applecare Plus privilages until it's over. And the HW replacement still costs $50 for me.

    Yet for Iphone5s buyers the plan is the same with the exception they will have to pay $80 for a HW damage replacement. Is this going only for the iphone5S or also for the iphone5C?

    Well, anyway, that's not nice. The device costs the same. If not cheeper.


    So How much do you think a brand-new factory unlock 32gb iphone5 would cost on ebay now that it is discontinued (probably with Applecare plus)?

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    Actually Just a couple of weeks ago I asked about this, they give you a color choice, but like you said, as long as it's the same model and capacity.

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    Yes, that applecare is a legal contract they have to abide.  Also on the new custormer with newer iphones replacement costs though I am not 100% sure, but the artical implied it would be so on all iDevices.


    I believe there are others like me who are apple customers cuz they are like me, we buy a premium product that also looks and feels like one, if it were me buying my first iphone and I did not have enough money to buy the 5s therefore had to choose between the iphone 5 or 5c...I'd pick the iphone 5 anyday!  The specs are the same only with a marginally improved battery and ugly hideous toy like thanks.

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    If you want to buy a new iPhone and do not want to keep your current iPhone 5, Apple has started a program of iPhone trade-in, at least in the US.  They will give a credit of $125 to $250 for the old iPhone, depending on the model and condition.  No cash, only credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone.  So you might want to check with your Apple store and see if they are taking part in the trade-in program.

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    In a year, my apple for my Iphone is going to be almost over. Do you think that at that time, they will still have iphone 5 (regular) in stock? If not, Is the option of giving me a iphone 5s or new generation is possible?

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    how much do you think I can sell and iphone 5 32g in the box (never opened) ? thanks

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    No. I just used my AppleCare+ on my iPhone 5. They had a brand new 5 in a box without all the accessories which they opened in front of me. They are still making the 3G and 3GS for replacing those products. They do not sell them, but keep them for replacing, as they are mandated by law to maintain items for 5 years AFTER they are discontinued for replacement.

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    They had a brand new 5 in a box without all the accessories

    That is service stock unit may be brand new may be reconditioned  you would never know nor would the Apple Staff

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