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I am running the latest Mountian  Lion OS on my IMAC and have recently started running some test scans with  my Epson Perfection V700 scanner. The supplied Epson software , Epson Scan offers a variety of operating modes, "professional mode" offering the most features. Professional mode offers Digital ICE as an option, however when selected, the Digital ICE does not work.I have compared scans with  and without digital ICE and they are exactly the same. Scratches and dirt are not removed by the scan.


If I select a more basic mode ("Home Mode") Digital ICE does  work. But this other mode does not offer the range of options offered in porfessional mode.


Has anyone out there used Epson Scan software?  Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there other scanning software out there which could fully exploit the features of the Epson scanner I have?  I tried Vuescn and it does not seem to be compatible with my scanner, so that is off the table.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)