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I noticed a constant underexposure (about 1 stop) of the DNG generated by my pentax k5 when opened in Aperture. I suspect the problem is related to Aperture not reading correctly the information in the DNG files related to the application of the highlight and shadow correction function setting of the camera (on on my user configuration). Any clue? does anyone developed a custom developement profile for k5 thath correct the problem?



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    That has been reported here frequently for Canon and Nikon cameras, that Aperture's raw processing ignores in-camera settings like "Preserve Highlights".

    You could try to add one of the "Exposure" Quickfixes as an Effect preset as a default in your Import settings:


    Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 21.13.56GMT+01.00.PNG

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    Good to know that shadow and highlight in camera RAW settings are largely ignored (not only lens aberration correction) :-( However, I appreciate your suggestion but it seems that the exposure curves correction applied by the camera is not flat, but different for highlights and shadow. I think I'm going to develop a specific highlight and shadow correction setting for K5 in Aperture and apply it to entrire Projects trough the use of Automator.


    Any suggestion on standard correction to apply? I will post my as soon as developed (I'm working on it).