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So I'm curious, the one thing that is a real drag about adding Corporate email to my iPhone 5 is the fact that they enforce a 4-digit PIN policy. Will Touch ID work to unlock my phone when Corporate email is installed instead of me having to enter the 4-digit PIN? I sure hope so!

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    That is a question for your IT department.

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    Actually, I was hoping that you could configure the Touch ID to enter the PIN. I don't see Microsoft Exchange, cloud hosted email, supporting Touch ID so I was holding out hope that iOS 7 and Touch ID would accomplish this.

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    My understanding is that with iOS 7, Touch ID will have access to your password keychain, so that you will be able to use Touch ID to scan your fingerprint and allow an app to access a password from the keychain. Since fingerprints will be stored only locally on your device, that is how things will probably work for authenticating iTunes and App Store purchases as well. So yes, I believe that Exchange or any other application, while not given full access to use Touch ID and recognize your fingerprints themselves, will be able to use iOS 7's integration of the firmware to retrieve and automatically enter passwords. Hope this is the answer you were looking for.

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    If this is true it will be GREAT NEWS! We'll know soon enough. Thanks

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    I'm hoping for this too, but I think you guys are talking about (forgive me) apples and oranges.


    105437 is specifically referring to an Exchange security requirement that mobile devices have a 4-digit pin as a lock-screen requirement when connecting an Exchange account into the device. 


    We already know that other forms of authentication - Androids swipe gestures, iOS's complex lock codes - do NOT satisfy this requirement.  They simple-mindedly insist on just a 4-digit pin for a lock code. 


    Vojta's suggestion that TouchID will be able to store the passwords and substitute them in where necessary is almost certainly correct.  But it probably will not apply to the lock screen, because that isn't a "password" to the Exchange server.  It's just an enforced security requirement.


    Now...  if iOS7 reports back to Exchange that 4-digit pin is in-use when really TouchID is in use...  I can see someone's sensibilities being hurt and then entire device types suddenly stop working after a few days and patch-tuesday.  It's one of those "stupid law, so change the law" things.  I think Exchange has to budge on this, not device makers telling Exchange what it wants to hear.


    Besides, you know what'll happen...  we'll eventually get Exchange to allow TouchID.  But every 45 days it'll tell us we need to get new fingerprints.  :-P


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    After reading Dethpickle's reply I feel less optimistic it will work.

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    However... If touch iD fails to read your fingerprint, after several attempts it will prompt you to put in a pin number. So a pin number will be set for the phone, making me think that the exchange server requirement of a four digit pin will be satisfied.

    *crosses fingers.

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    So it works. I got the 5s this morning and sure enough it takes place of having to key in the passcode!!

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    And you know for sure you've got an Exchange account that has the "Require 4-digit pin" security requirement?


    If so, that's fantastic!

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    Yup! the way it displays makes me think that when you confirm your fingerprints the phone actually fills in the 4 digit pin for you.

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    So, then, the next question is what happens when you reach the end of Exchange's TTL on your 4-digit pin?


    Do you still have a 4-digit pin?  If so, you'll probably just be forced to change it (if you can remember it after 6 mo of not using it).


    This is sounding better and better.  Now, just so long as MS doesn't cry foul and disable iPhones out of spite.

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    You do have a four digit Pin, and you have to use it if for some reason touch id fails to recognize your finger. so i imagine the process would be the same as now as far as changing it every so often.

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    We did just get an iPhone 5s in the office.  I can add a second confirmation that TouchID works with the Exchange enforced 4-digit pin.


    Here's hoping MS doesn't throw a wrench in it.

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    Confirmed that Touch ID works to satisfy entering the 4-digit PIN for Microsoft Exchange email account. Very pleased this works!