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i've taken my macbook to an apple retailer 3 times and they can't figure out the problem.

the problem is that my macbook freezes intermittently when the airport is turned on.


the first time i took it in they told me it wasnt an airport issue, but that it was a HD issue and that my HD was becoming corrupt.

so i bought a new HD and replaced my old one.

Still have the same problem, and they ran AST which detected no issues, which i am NOT happy about cause i'd like to know what the cause is (i still think its the airport card since my macbook only freezes when the airport is turned on), but i dont want to waste money on something i'm not sure about.


i lost my original install discs so i was going to buy a new one, but before i do that, i was wondering if it detects pretty much every piece of HD, or if you think it will detect the problem at all since the problem is intermittent?


is it worth buying a new restore disc, or what should i do? call it quits, and buy a new computer?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    Have you thought about a new router?


    Or a new AirPort card?



    If you haven't tried, a Safe Mode boot deletes system caches that may help.


    Startup your Mac in Safe Mode


    A Safe Mode boot takes longer than a normal boot so be patient.


    Once you are in Safe Mode, click Restart from the Apple () menu.


    Then try AirPort.


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    safe mode is a temporary solution though isnt it?

    i really think it's a hardware issue, and i thought about replacing the airport card but im uncomfortable doing that myself and it would cost $100 to have someone install it for me, when i dont even know for sure if that's the problem, thats why i thought about using AHT, but im only going to buy that if im sure it will find the exact problem.

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    Apple still host the hardware test files for some older models - there's a list at https://github.com/upekkha/AppleHardwareTest

    links for one or more others in the comments at http://rivenbyfive.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/download-and-run-apple-hardware-test.h tml

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    i have a macbook 5,1


    i thought maybe the macbook 3,1 file might work, but i downloaded and it comes only with a "system" folder and like nothing else in the folders so idk how im supposed to burn that to a CD anyway.


    i might break down and buy the **** $45 one on ifixit, though i'm stingy and rather not pay that much for it. if only i could find my original one....


    but in the meantime i bought a wireless adaptor online, so maybe that will do for a while.

  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    Safe Mode is used for troubleshooting, Not a temporary solution.

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    There's a link for  macbook 5.1 in the comments mentioned above. I'd think that Apple will charge less than $45 for replacement disks... call & ask them.


    It shouldn't need a CD or external if the hidden .diagnostics folder is placed correctly in /System/Library/CoreServices/. The Pacifist application makes that fairly easy, or else it's Terminal, or making invisibles visible, temporarily.

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    i dont see one for the macbook 5,1

    i see one for the macbook pro 5,1. could that work?


    also, i am not going to call apple and pay $20 for a phone call. unless you mean calling the local apple store.


    i want to thank everyone for answering though. i never get answers when i post on these forums.

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    It says macbook 5.1 - perhaps it wasn't displayed on your computer, for some reason. Apple won't charge anything to tell you what they want for replacement system disks. Call customer service, avoid any options to pay & have your serial number handy.


    AnonymousFebruary 25, 2013 at 1:34 AM

    Thanks! This worked perfectly. Had to do a lot of Googlimg to find the link for A1278/MacBook5,1 though:


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    idk how to run AHT though.


    i typed in the command stuff into terminal, but it asks me for my password and i dont have one setup for my computer so idk what to put in. i also tried copying the system folder to a CD and holding D from it when booting (based on someone else's comment) but that didnt work either.

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    Purchase a replacement System and Application Restore DVD set from Apple. The fee is not excessive. Your biggest challenge will be to find someone who understands exactly what you require.


    They will need your MacBook's serial number.


    There are no downloadable versions of Apple Hardware Test for your MacBook on that site, and I wouldn't trust one if I found it on any other.


    Whether AHT will be able to diagnose faulty AirPort hardware is another story.

  • andyBall_uk Level 7 (20,490 points)

    assuming the correct download *- you can

    1: make Finder show invisible files, in order to drag the 'hidden' .diagnostics folder from the AHT volume to /System/Library/CoreServices/ on your macbook, then authenticate as admin when required.


    2013-09-13 at 00.10.28.jpg


    2: Use say Pacifist from http://charlessoft.com/ to do the same thing -

    2013-09-13 at 00.16.05.jpg


    In either case, after shutting down, then restarting & holding the D key after the chime - you ought to get the hardware test.


    * - the A1278 & F42D89C8 model codes seem to be shared by both MB and MBP models - so hopefully it'll work for you.

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    I think the commenter on rivenbyfive confused the macbook & ..pro models, perhaps understandably.

    Regardless - you can check  by copying/pasting this in Terminal, then pressing enter


    ioreg -l | grep board-id


    it should give a result similar to

    "board-id" = <"Mac-F42012345">


    If yours shows F42D89C8, then you need this one :



    If yours shows F42D86C8 then try the 022-4048-A.dmg mentioned earlier.

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    that was the problem! i got it to work, unfortunately it came up with no problems w the extended test:( so poop. i guess i might run it another time or 2 in case it does pick up something. computers are so frustrating sometimes.


    you've been a massive help though! thank you so much andy!

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    You're welcome - I'm sorry that I led you to the wrong download for a while.

    Re the freezing - does Console show nothing when this happens ?