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I found my iPod shuffle a couple months ago after about 3 or 4 years of non use. IWhen I tried plugging it into iTunes it said that the files were corrupt and I would need to use the utility reset application to fix it. When I tried to do that I couldn't because Apple never updated the software for newer Windows computers so I was stuck with this broken iPod. Today when I finally updated iTunes, this version recongnized it immediately, and asked me if I wanted to restore it. As soon as I restore it the iPod became responsive and began blinking orange as if it was charging. But when I went back to the iTunes window, it was completely frozen. I tried disconnecting the device and ending the task and the iTunes window was still frozen. After reseting my computer and logging back on (with the device disconnected) I clicked iTunes and it was working fine, until I connected my shuffle. It froze right back up. I never got a chance to look at the specs, like the usage or whatever so I don't know if anything is wrong there. One weird thing that happend when I connected my iPod is a Microsoft window popped up saying that my devices files maybe corrupt. I don't know what that means but if you can help please do so! I'd really like to put music back on it to began using it again, it's in great shape and it looks brand new. Thanks again!!

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