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Why does iCal not support in a simple, non-confusing manner, single events starting and ending in different time zones?  Perfect example of this is flying from New York to LA, or vice versa.


This appears to be a long term identified problem with no fix being made by Apple, and their customers/users have just accepted that it will not be fixed and therefore have to find workarounds.


Simple reality, this is not something impossible to do, contrary to what everyone says in other support strings.  gCal made multi-timezone event functionality possible about 2 years ago.  It initally had some bugs, but it was quickly fixed.  I have now used it 2 years without flaw, without confusion, without difficulties while flying back and forth across the country at least 30 times per year.


The solution is here... https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4046980?start=30&tstart=0


So is anything going to be done, or is everyone whom this affects, just going to say nothing???gCal Time Zones.png

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