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So I'm having an issue getting songs to appear under the correct artist.


The artist's name is 3lau.  several of his songs are listed with him as the artist.  Other list him as the Album artist.  It is all grouped correctly on Itunes.



When i sync my ipod (nano 6th gen) I cannot find the artist "3lau"  I find all his songs under "Porter Robinson."  Porter robinson is never listed as an artist.


I've looked through the itunes listing of artists and excluding those artists that i do not have checked music, the list doesn't match what the ipod shows.  Why?  Is there a way to force them to match?


I'd email Apple support, but like most conceited worldwide companies you can't actually contact them for help.  So i'm asking the nice people on the community site that do apple's work for free.


Thank you all.

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