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Hi, I'd like to know how to map a shared folder located on an iMac so that to browse it from an iPad.

This folder contains my photos, and I want to view then on remotely (WiFi local network) with the iPad.

Don't want to outsource the storage on iCloud or any hosting service.

Photos must stay on the iMac (350 GB).


Thanks in advance for your help.

iPad, iOS 6.1.4
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    There are a number of "file manager" apps that allow an iPad to browse through files in shared folders (presuming you know any password that protects them). The apps I've tried requires that you select a photo blind (no preview) by name and download it before you can see it. There may be some I haven't found that can create thumbnails, but that's going to take quite a while if you have 350GB of photos.

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    markkwmsn Thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately, this won't help.

    I should not have to download each photo before viewing it.


    Will keep searching!

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    Yeah, I found a solution.


    Here're two Apps that operate together : ServeToMe and StreamToMe :


    1. The first app has to be installed on the iMac, then you configure the directory you're willing to access remotely.
    2. The second app has to be installed on the iPad, then you indicate the IP-address of the the iMac, and that's all.

    And it works!


    Hope that this find would be helpful to anyone