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Iam trying to move video files from my iPad to my PC but because they are all over 500mb my OS (windows Xp) will not let me. So I am presently stuck with them on my iPad. Is there another way to move them. Please help!

iPad, iOS 6.1.3, Several videos on iPad 64gb
Solved by rccharles on Sep 11, 2013 9:07 AM Solved

OS (windows Xp) will not let me.


Why will it not?  What is the error message?  How are you trying to transfer them?


There are lots of ways of moving files.


A simple and popular way to copy files and share files amoung your devices. This will depend on you internet connection speed.



Using iTures to transfer files:



Files Connect -- The swiss army knife of remote file connect



Windows File server



"In education and business users increasingly expect to be able to access their data anytime, anywhere and from any device."



This thread has good info.



How to transfer files from your iPad to your PC with iPad to Computer Transfer




Try the combo of:

Diskaid on your computer and FileAppPro on your iPad


Good old FTP

FileApp and FileApp Pro