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My iPhoto won't open, the 'dial' keeps turning & turning.  What do I do?

iPhoto '11
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    Back up your iPhoto library, Depress and hold the option (alt) and command keys and launch iPhoto - rebuild your iPhoto library database



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    If the rebuild doesn't help try the following:


    1 - delete the iPhoto preference file, com.apple.iPhoto.plist, that resides in your

         User/Home/Library/ Preferences folder.


    2 - delete iPhoto's cache file, Cache.db, that is located in your

    User/Home/Library/Caches/com.apple.iPhoto folder (Snow Leopard and Earlier).




    or with Lion and Mt. Lion from the User/Library/Containers/com.apple.iPhoto/




    3 - launch iPhoto and try again.


    NOTE:  In Lion and Mountain Lion the Library folder is now invisible. To make it permanently visible enter the following in the Terminal application window: chflags nohidden ~/Library and hit the Enter button - 10.7: Un-hide the User Library folder.



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    THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  I backed up photos, then tried the 4 various Repair steps, and of course it was the 4th & last one that did the trick!  OMG this has been a cloud over my JOY for some time.  Hey, THANKS for your good & SIMPLE advice to fix this!  You are AWESOME!!