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I cannot get into my phone as it appears to  be on voice activation.


When I enter the 4 digit number it then says to me wxyz and then nothing

  • dani4576 Level 2 (365 points)

    Voice activation? You mean VoiceOver. Unless you remember going into Settings and enabling it, you must have set a triple-tap shortcut for VoiceOver. Try tapping the home button three times (quickly but not too quickly). If that doesn't resolve the problem, you will have to takie things slow and listen to VoiceOver to unlock the phone. You tap the first digit of your code, then tap it again, then tap the second digit, wait, and tap it again, and so on. Press the home button if you are in an app and slowly swipe your way to the Settings app. Tap the app, wait for it to speak, and tap it again, tap General in the same manner, then scroll down to accessiblility (which will probably require two finger to scroll (scroll in increments), then tap VoiceOver, and then turn VoiceOver off with the switch by tapping the switch, waiting, and tapping it again.

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