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iPhoto is on my MacBook Pro's dock, but it will not open.

When I click it a "?" appears on it, but that's it. Also the iPhoto icon is no longer in the Apps folder.


I didn't, at least not knowingly, delete the app. I don't have the disk needed to reinstall it on my mac. Is there any other way to get the app back without having to pay for it? If it was accidentally deleted or if something else caused the problem, it doesn't seem right to have to pay for it...again. Help!

iPhoto '08, iPhoto on MacBook Pro
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    A backup makes such a situation a minor annoyance rather than a big problem.  Open Spotlight and see if you can find it.  If not, replacement disks can be procured from Apple Customer Support.  Have your Mac serial number ready when you call and there is a charge.