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An old User ID keeps popping up and I have had this old ID deleted almost a year ago How do I delete this old ID again?


Thank you.

iPhone 5
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    Hello bocacurly


    The main way to do that is to remove the purchased content with that Apple ID. You can also go through your iTunes library to see what account name is associated with it.


    Recovering a forgotten iTunes Store account name



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    -Norm G.

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    This happened once before and Apple removed my old email address from the system, but now the old email address is popping up again. I tried, what you suggested and it still didn't work and the girl at the Apple store wasn't very helpful. Thanks anyway - I may have to call Apple or try a different person at the store.

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    When is this Apple ID popping up? When you try to update an app, perhaps?

    You didn't 'delete' the Apple ID a year ago.  If anything, you changed your priary email address, or you created and used a new & different Apple ID.

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    The Apple person who I spoke to on the phone around 8 months ago when the new update came out deleted my old email address and apple ID for me and never had a problem after that. It's only in the past few weeks when the old email address pops up at different times, not when I'm trying to update an app. It varies.  When I purchase something from Itunes my correct id appears, but the old pops up at different times, for no apparent reason.

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    No he didn't.  Apple did not introduce the ability to delete Apple IDs until very recently.  You are mistaken.

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    Then what do you suggest I do to get rid of this old user id?


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    How to change the Apple ID on my iOS Device

    Settings > iTunes & App stores.

    Tap your Apple ID, sign out then sign back in with new AppleID.


    Settings > Facetime.

    Tap your Apple ID, sign out then sign back in with new AppleID.


    Settings > Messages.

    Turn off iMessages, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.  Go to 'Receive messages at' and then tap your Apple ID.  Sign out of the old ID, then sign in with new Apple ID.


    Settings > iCloud.

    Delete the account (make sure to KEEP the information on your phone), then turn it back on with new Apple ID.


    Also, delete any apps that were downloaded with the 'old' Apple ID, then reinstall them with your 'new' ID.

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    Thanks. I performed all of the above steps, so hopefully this will correct the problem.  I appreciate your help.  If it doesn't work, I'll email you again.  Hope that won't be necessary.



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    I am having a problem with an old Apple ID in the iCloud settings on my iPhone 5. It keeps using an old e-mail address. I can't remove the old account without giving the password for find my iPhone. But I don't have the old password any longer.

    And I can't simply add my new Apple ID because it keeps referring to my old e-mail address, although that address is no longer mentioned on my updated Apple ID.

    Would you have any advice on how to proceed?