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I created some webpages in my small website. Simple but working stuff. I've done this for 12 years.


Since I move to Mountain Lion, when I add a link which should open in new window to get 2 opened windows at the same time, in Safari 6.0.5 the link will load the page in the previously opened page, replacing content, url and everything else: the previous one vanishes. Can onòy be seen in the Hystory.


Yet I do need 2 open pages.


My html code work as written in Chrome, Ffox and others, but not in Mountain Lion Safari.


Is this a new feature of these amazing Lions new software or I've become unable to use Apple software after 35 years?


In snowLeo the same page does what it needs to do ... I just don't understand.


Thanks for anyone who will give me a suggestion or an just explain it to me




Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)