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We are looking at redoing completely our home network and computers. One of the things it seems that we would like to do is have something like network accounts so that when you log in from different machines all of the files are still there. I was wondering how simple this would be to set up. I am decent with computers but have never really had to dive into servers before. Doing some of the reading it would seem like the main person using the server would need to have a mobile account. This is because they would be using a mac pro when they are at home along with a macbook retina when they are elsewhere in the house and on the road. From my reading it sounds like if the account is set up on the server first as a mobile account then brought down to the mac pro and macbook retina that when the retina did work off of the network it would just sync the data back into the files. Is this correct? Another question i had is having one user on the network account be logged on at the same time on both the mac pro and the macbook retina while connected to an OS x server? Thanks for all of your help!!!

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